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Glass Cleaning

20 Apr 2020 02:39 PM By Customer

Cleaning glass can be a dreaded and laborious task and…more often than not, by the time you’re done the mirror or window, it may appear dirtier and hazier than before. However, if done properly it can be relatively easy and in fact, satisfying! 

We've compiled our top tips to clean windows worry and streak free! 

Work top to bottom

To ensure your glass surface is streak free, begin working from the top to the bottom. Once sprayed, the solution will begin to drip. Use gravity to your advantage and allow the cleaner to soak over areas you have yet to clean. This also maintains the quality of areas you’ve already cleaned. 

Use grey days to your advantage

Believe it or not, grey days are the perfect days to clean your glass surfaces. If (too) sunny, the heat from the sun can prematurely dry your cleaning solution(s), leaving unwanted streaks and built up residue. It also gives you a better indication of how soiled the surface truly is without having beams of sun competing and leaving shadows

Avoid using rags and cloths that will leave residue 

You never want to be battling your own equipment. Using cloths with high fibre counts can make cleaning windows a nightmare as they’ll leave numerous fibres/lint scattered behind. Old t-shirts and newspapers are great fabrics to utilize for cleaning windows and bonus, they’re cost effective.  

Buff it out

Sometimes, all a glass surface needs is an extra dose of elbow grease to bring out that shine. Buffing in circular motions will ensure all areas of glass have been washed properly and dried as well. 

Use vinegar 

Looking for an all purpose cleaner that works on glass? Vinegar is the answer! It’s a staple item in most pantries, all natural and costs practically nothing. Our preference is distilled white vinegar as it’s anti-bacterial, non-toxic and the acidic content is safe for all children, pets and coming in contact with skin.

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